Benedikt, “Paper Mache”

Recorded in scenic locations, it’s only fitting that Benedikt’s latest song, “Paper Mache,” carries an airy nature-esque quality to in its underlying sound. Comprised of very simple instrumentation- a banjo, some synths, and perhaps a slide guitar- the song plays like a breezy open field or tranquil Northern shore. The banjo provides a backcountry homey feeling while the slide guitar creates melodic motion, and the effervescent synthscapes are executed tastefully but with a great lush and calming affect. Benedikt’s simple stacked vocals are organic and naked in tone, allowing “Paper Mache” to fully be the peaceful and homegrown slice of indie-folk that it is. Surely a song to be paired with a calm Saturday morning in Spring.


Benedikt is finally breaching the surface with their debut single «KMG». Growing out of Hans Olav Settems solo project, the 9-piece indie/folk-group have been working on-and-off on their debut album since 2013. Since the band members are spread all across Norway, the creative process has been slow but steady. With widespread recording sessions in vivid locations like cabins and villas, the album is finally ready for release this spring.


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