Marble Arch “Gold”

Sleak and atmospheric sounding bedroom pop from Paris? Count me in.  The dreamy nature of the guitars with the fun upbeat rhythms set to an overcast day really connects with me and my current New York City apartment.  I really enjoy how this feels like a nostalgia filled 80s movie with a new band soundtrack.  If you’re into San Francisco based artist Real Estate but kind of wish they had more of a punk rock edge to their guitars then this is definitely a track you’re going to be into.

The songs harmony remains familiar and diatonic until a little after the four minute mark when the guitar starts doing some cool tensions that really ups the feeling of the music.  You can check out “Gold” by Marble Arch below!

band biography:

Like the white marble monument -located on the West end of Oxford Street- from which the group borrowed its name, Marble Arch was cut for triumph. Having perfectly digested shoegaze and dream pop’s secrets, their music is oriented toward childhood and experimentation. After The Bloom of Division, a first well noticed effort of in 2015, the Parisians will set the table one more time with Children of the Slump, a highly anticipated second album which will be released early 2019 on the label Géographie.

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