*OUT TODAY* Matchstick Skeletons, “I’m the Dog”

Matchstick Skeletons’ “I’m the dog” is a mournfully soulful slice of blues, and now it’s got a brand new live video! Consisting of nothing more than a vocal trio and light guitar arpeggios, “I’m the Dog’s” live video is just as simple. A standing Matty Carolei sings his gritty and soulful leads while plucking the guitar, flanked on either side by his seated harmonists. A mildly unsettled freehand camera captures their performance with a shakiness that is set to reflect the song’s undulating energy and dynamics, accentuating the repressed agitation and angst that sits just below the music’s surface. The choice to film in black & white pairs well with Matchstick’s 1950’s ballad vibes, making this live performance of “I’m the Dog” a ruminating display of artistic intention and soulful communication.


The Matchstick Skeletons came out of the grave swinging. Formed by singer/multi instrumentalist Neu Mannas and drummer Matty Carolei, this was a project years in the making.

Midway through a decade of being on the road. Neu & Matty starting playing together in Head of the Herd. After some chart topping, radio music award winning, touring, & record making in England, Wales, the Southern U.S. of A, and throughout their home and native land of Canada, they decided to lock themselves in a tiny dark room and become the band they always wanted to be…

The Matchstick Skeletons… A James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for.




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