Paper Anthem, “21st Season”- a cinematic trip through time

A story in song, Paper Anthem’s new single is a cinematic, dynamic, and infectious composition that showcases the appeal and effectiveness of story-driven songwriting. “21st Season” is an indie-rock ballad about time’s passing taking you further from where you long to be. According frontman Joseph Hitchcock,

“[21st Season is] sort of an adaptation of an un-produced script I wrote. It’s about a man who begins to involuntarily time travel after a storm in the Bermuda Triangle. He pops in and out of random time periods. In one of them, he thinks it’s over and has time to start a family and have children, and then he’s taken away from them again… He’s just trying to find a way back to his son.”

The song opens with a simple yet instantly memorable guitar melody that becomes the main melodic theme throughout the verses. The climbing seasonal numbers in the lyrics indicate the passage of years as the protagonist continues to wish for home. A persistent and motive drum rhythm pushes the song forward in anticipation as piano and bass join the instrumentation. After a few verses and pre-choruses, the song erupts into a full rock ballad refrain that is as uplifting as it is unexpected- perhaps signaling hope that the protagonist will find the end he seeks. A stark contrast from the verses’ yearning melancholy, this grand finale of sorts provides a satisfying end to the ark of what is truly a story in song form.


Joseph Hitchcock has always been inspired in short, furious bursts. Born of a blues singer father and poet mother, he has storytelling in his blood. Viewing albums like movies, his songs weave long-form stories. Written in Arkansas, produced in San Francisco, and mixed in the UK, his upcoming album is a cultural and musical tapestry that will be released in June 2019.


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