Arms Akimbo “Cruel Lovers”

Super tight production can barely contain the energy bursting from “Cruel Lovers” by Arms Akimbo.  The instrumentation is a familiar rock band sound with edgy vocals.  Production wise there is a slight reverb that seems to be on everything and the mid heavy bass cuts to really drive home the circular pattern of the melody.  While I haven’t been to see Arms Akimbo live, if you’re ever in the Los Angeles region and trying to check out a band who seems to be a great bet on putting on an energetic show that borders on pop punk but with a more pop melodic sensibility then Arms Akimbo seems like a good bet.  The group have been achieving notoriety through publications such as Pitchfork and Billboard, given how good the songs are it seems very deserved.  Stream “Cruel Lovers” below and learn more about Arms Akimbo.

Los Angeles indie group Arms Akimbo (Chris Kalil – vox/guitar, Peter Schrupp – vox/guitar, Matt Sutton – drums and Colin Boppell – vox/bass) return with a new EP, “Seven Dollar Paycheck”. It’s a record that continues to expose the anxiety, trepidation but also wonderment in taking on an uncertain world whilst feeling barely armed for that reality. The theme of the EP is obvious: Juggling the desire to stay creative and young whilst also putting food on the table and assuring yourself that this is the right path. All the time aiming for dreams that seem maddeningly just out of reach.

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