GLENEAGLE, “When You Weren’t Around”- an ode to the past

An ode to all that is no more… I honestly don’t think any more words need to be said for a song like this one. The title-track off of GLENEAGLE’s forthcoming EP, “When You Weren’t Around,” is a reflection on time, change, and the inevitability that nothing can be the same forever- whether it’s all those new strange new shops in your hometown, the acquaintances that have come and gone, or the eyes through which you see it all happen. It’s the type of song that, when played on a stage, no one would dare take out their phone. It’s 150 seconds set aside for reflection, for remembrance, and to be present in the bittersweet nostalgia of life from which no one will be spared. Those can be beautiful moments, indeed- and “When You Weren’t Around” is their swan song.


Gleneagle is a rock and roll band from Vancouver, BC.The trio has emerged with a signature style and sound, bringing distorted guitar leads and driving drums and bass akin to the likes of Attack in Black with vocal elements reminiscent of early Springsteen. While Gleneagle’s genre may be hard to pinpoint, drawing from diverse areas such as punk, alt country, alternative, and canadiana, a recurring theme is found in their thoughtful songwriting; Gleneagle’s lyrics and tone strive to inspire a sense of both endearing nostalgia and youthful hope for the future.


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