The Chainsmokers “Kills You Slowly”

A vulnerable and honest approach to songwriting and a contemporary modern electronic production is what you get with The Chainsmokers newest track “Kills You Slowly”.  The beat will have you swaying slowly back and forth like maybe you used to in middle school.  The songs lyrics are about a stale relationship where neither person is willing to leave despite it eating at their insides.  The uplifting track is a perfect juxtaposition to how one might be clinging onto the euphoric sensation of love while ultimately have lost touch with what truly sparked the sensation.

While we normally steer clear of anything this mainstream at HLM this song in particular really touched my heart and opened my mind as it is such an easily relatable topic.  Definitely worth checking it out, it kind of reminds me of the ’03 golden era of pop-punk oddly enough, either way like I said check it out above or below.

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