Schmoolio’s “Real Talk”- it’s just a pop-punk kind of day!

Did you really think I wasn’t gonna show a band like this some love? Wisconsin-based Schmoolio is keeping the dream alive with their earnest take on 2000’s pop-punk in “Real Talk.” For anyone that grew up on Warped Tour rock, this band is something to get excited for. Uptempo drums and lead guitar hooks will take you back to the days of Yellowcard and Blink-182, while frontman Dan Schmuhl’s vocals will have you thinking this is a New Found Glory demo. Stick around for the bridge, and you’ll be treated to a Day-to-Remember-esque breakdown to really round out this hodge-podge of 2000’s rock nostalgia. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to Schmoolio and commiserate over the fact that the last Warped Tour ever happened last year…


“Our music? It’s fun…that’s what it’s all about! Just upbeat music that makes people wanna drive fast and get weird.” Schmoolio is a mix of 2000’s bubblegum pop punk with a little heavier breakdowns at times.


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