Beach of Diamonds’ “Up All Night” is keeping Pop-Punk alive in style!

Paying homage to the days when you’d be driving down the road with bands like Taking Back Sunday and The Academy Is… playing on the radio (not the aux cord- the radio), Beach of Diamonds’ brand new single is 200 seconds of straight-up pop-punk fun. The snare drum snaps on the back beats, clean guitars serenade you during the verses, and everything turns up to 11 when it’s time for the chorus. Infectiously catchy melodies and lyrical hooks make “Up All Night” an easy pick to be your ear-worm for the next week, while the band’s clean performance and relentless energy make it a perfect sonic energy shot on a sunny Spring morning.


Beach of Diamonds is a relatively new Norwegian band that got together because they were rehearsing in the same building, heard each other through the walls and decided to join forces. Since then, a couple of songs were released. The band gathered great reviews in the press and some airtime on the Norwegian radio waves.

On their newest single “Up All Night,” the band holds on to their musical personality, but also nods to their teenage pop-punk roots, blending together to create a lovely, nostalgic, and uplifting sound.


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