Saint Kodiak, “Gutter”- your Thursday pick-me-up!

There are a lot of songs about love (understatement of eternity), but here’s one about friendship! Saint Kodiak’s 3rd single, “Gutter,” is a light and uplifting ode to the importance of caring for your friends. The Norway-based singer/songwriter is channels his inner fun. and American Authors vibe with glistening guitars, sunny synths, and a thumping drum beat that inspires foot-tapping galore. Saint Kodiak’s vocals are bright, emotional, and feel right at home in the indie-pop world, making this an overall shoe-in as your afternoon supply of positive vibes.


“This is a song about friendship, brotherhood and the collective. Take care of your friends and they will take care of you. If you don’t, the gutter is always waiting for you.”


Originating from both Denmark and the Faroe Islands and now residing in Oslo, Norway, Saint Kodiak draws from Scandinavian heritage to bring a fresh point of view to indie rock and soul music.


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