NEEDSHES’ “U Babe” goes down reeeal smooth

Got-Damn, this is some smooooooth listening. Going down like a fine whiskey, Uzbekistan-based NEEDSHES’ “U Babe” is an artisanal blend of genres that’ll be pleasing to any ear. The funky bass lick throughout the verses is straight out of classic soul music the likes of James Brown, while frontman Otabek Salamov’s breezy and mild-mannered lead vocals are reminiscent of a chill Devon Gilfillian track. Rap breaks inserted throughout the song add a bit of 90’s R&B flavor, complete with record scratches, without ever becoming to aggressive or jarring in relation to “U Babe’s” bluesy soul vibe. Every element, every stylistic influence works in tandem to create an easy, deliciously laid-back slice of soul-meets-modern.




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