Air Quotes “Spanish Class Fantasies”

The vocalist reminds me a bit of Motion City Soundtrack in the way the lyrics and melody are so honest.  Self-proclaimed chamber pop and featuring a lush string arrangement. “Spanish Class Fantasies” has a well written harmony part that accompanies the melody in a way that invokes youth-like exuberance in an angsty kind.  The lyrics sing about feeling left behind by your friends that pursue opportunity in cities and how the singer would like to comically stop them by freezing their bank accounts.

Honestly if it isn’t too early to call I’d say this will be in my top five favorite songs of 2019.


They’re changing everything on me, putting spandex in my jeans.
Maybe my legs don’t want to breathe.

I liked my jeans how they used to be, they were stiff enough to deceive.
And hide all my Spanish class fantasies.

They’re renovating old buildings, bright aluminum ceilings.
Trying to outshine memories.

I liked the rooms how they used to be, finicky air conditioning.
And books that we didn’t mind finishing.

Ooh, if I could freeze their accounts I would.
Show them what happens when they leave me behind.
They’ll have to fire me before I resign.

My friends all moved to new cities, went and got security.
Well how dare they live at ease.

I liked my friends how they used to be, loyal cult of anxiety.
And kings of our own private dynasty.

Please uncross their T’s and un-dot their I’s.
Scramble their ducks out of those neat little lines.
Protect the mess even if it means rewind.

I liked my dreams how they used to be, far away enough to believe.
When they were just Spanish class fantasies.

Please uncross my arms and open my eyes.
Pick up my feet and let me leave it behind.
Believe me when I say that I’ve changed my mind.
I never wanted to be one of a kind.

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