Median “Runner” nostalgic for 03 pop punk you’re gonna dig, yo.

This song is reminiscent of early Taking Back Sunday or Brand New.  I’d run around in circles at a show and push the person in front of me, but help anyone up if they fell.  That is the kind of pop punk you get with Median “Runner”.  The song is full to the brim with angst and energy which is what makes this kind of pop-punk so sexy in the first place anyway.  Sure the production is a little raw but if you go back and listen to Take This To Your Grave or Put Up Or Shut Up this is the sound you’re going to hear.  My favorite part of this track is the groovy outro, I could see this band performing with any Warped mainstager such as Mayday Parade or Real Friends.

If that is your kind of thing than definitely check out “Runner” above!

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