Live in the moment with Close Talker’s “Half Past Nine”

As mellow and reflective as a rain-drenched grey shoreline, Close Talker’s “Half Past Nine” is chillhop-meets-indie that makes you stop and listen. A chill drum pad straight out of the lo-fi genre is joined by pensively resonant guitar chords, painting a landscape of cool hues to sit behind emotive vocals. “Half Past Nine” is about those moments when you freeze in time, becoming absolutely aware of the significance and the beauty of the present. As the band describes it, this is a reminder that to chase the past is to never stop running, and that being at peace comes in the form of allowing yourself to stop in this moment- to appreciate it in lieu of a futile pursuit.


Close Talker is an indie rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. The band has toured throughout North America and Europe, gaining the attention and praise of notable publications such as NPR, Billboard, Clash, Spin, Q Magazine, and Consequence of Sound. Having recently won Alternative Artist of the Year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards, the band is poised for a breakthrough 2019. The band works tirelessly on evolving every aspect of their craft, which has lead to their strongest and most confident song to date: Half Past Nine.


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