LPX “Falling to Fall”

Guitar driven alternative rock that will leave a tear in your eye is “Falling to Fall” by LPX.   LPX is a NYC based rocker that has performed nationwide and continues to push out great music including “Falling to Fall” which is on her latest release dropping this past Friday (March 23rd 2019).

The drums are thick and programmed well and the repeated guitar lick that drones with an E is infectious.  The sound is somewhat stadium rock with a colder conscious set of lyrics that will transport the listener, or at least me, to the wings of a festival like Boston Calling or Firefly where you can almost hear LPX asking the crowd if they’re with her while she struts her stuff.  Definitely an artist that is worth checking out in my opinion.





…also heres a video I grabbed from YouTube of an old concert from 2017 of LPXs

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