The Carbons, “Black Mirror”- this is a mid-life crisis I can subscribe to!

“At times dark, but always pure.” That line from The Carbons’ bio really sums it up better than I could’ve hoped to! A full-throttle rock anthem complete with incendiary guitar licks and slamming bass and drums, “Black Mirror” just works in every way. Visiting themes of crises and struggle that come with age, The Carbons deliver their timeless and universal message with fresh perspective and lyricism. Lines like “in 33 turns I’ll be playing back thinner…just like record, we’re getting older” breathe new life into tried subject matter, making “Black Mirror” an innovative yet classic piece of rock that gets your heart pumping and feet moving. The licks are tasty, and the instantly memorable lyrics and hooks will spin like a record in your head all day.


Long time best mates Tomy Thisdale and Natte Murdoch conclude their professional careers in order to pursue their purpose and give rise to The Carbons: Canada’s latest groove rock band. After only 16 months since inception, The Carbons’ message has spread like wildfire throughout Canada, opening for internationally-known acts while playing 60 shows across 6 provinces.

“At times dark, but always pure.”


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