Good Coffee “Erica Dos”

Who doesn’t enjoy Good Coffee?  I enjoy good coffee out a french press and especially when it’s served with a soothing wake up tune such as “Erica Dos”.  “Erica Dos” is a song for fans of My Morning Jackets softer side and for an early morning by Good Coffee that reminds me of slightly dark roast and good conversation.  Lyrically the song is a lament for a lover let go but I feel very comfortable in the way the story is told like it is an older tale passed down from generation to generation.  This a dreamy alt-folk jam that comes to you from Santa Rosa Records in Las Vegas.

“Erica Dos” also reminds me of a long road trip I just took from Los Angeles to the northeast during my time in Taos, New Mexico.  It was a long drive from Taos to OKC and in the early morning the way the sun hit the mountains in the southwest made the world sing songs to me such in this dreamy folk style. “Erica Dos” by Good Coffee is definitely a song worth checking out for those with a heart of wanderlust.

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