Lucy Spraggan “Lucky Stars” and an innocent crush

Lucy Spraggan is an astronaut with an uplifting message and she wants to share how her new love has helped her life and through that is hoping it will help yours.  If you are just finding Lucy for the first time like I am you’ll quickly find out how she’s been elevated to levels of success through some exposure received on the X-Factor and how she DIY’d that success into 40+ million streams on YouTube and five studio albums.  Lucy Spraggan is an inspiration for going after what you really want and not letting go of your dreams so it is no wonder why her latest single “Lucky Stars” has such a humble and uplifting message.  She is the first artist from the X Factor to play Glastonbury and after supporting Melissa Etheridge on tour is now going on her own UK and USA headline tours.

“Lucky Stars” is a familiar production with driving rhythms and a fairly standard pop production with layers of vocals thickening up the mix and a lively acoustic guitar.  The hi-hat opens and closes on the ands of beats which gives it that driving slightly bouncy feeling that combined with major melodies will bring a certain euphoric state to listeners.  Check it out above!

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