WHALE CITY “Daylight”

A recent release that sparked interest was “Daylight” from WHALE CITY.  “Daylight” by WHALE CITY was intense because of the philosophical lyrical content about regaining faith.  The instrument and vocal combined from the song really captured my attention in the verses because of the pulsing rhythms and melody that bounced between falsetto and chest.  The song might be for fans of epic contemporary rock and invoke a sense of bittersweet nostalgia and longing.  Lyrically the song speaks to a relationship that has ended but that the head is unwilling to accept using a metaphor of “daylight at night”.  Having been in relationships like this and assuming most everyone who listens to this style of music also has “Daylight” really spoke to me.

Recently WHALE CITY has been working hard on .  Check out an embedded stream of “Daylight” by WHALE CITY below and learn more about the band!

“Creating beautiful and emotional moments is WHALE CITY’s biggest goal when writing music and performing live. Spherical guitar sounds, pulsating bass lines, driving drum beats combined with analog and futuristic synth form the organic foundation of their energetic alternative pop sound.”

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