Stillhound “Walk In The Park”, in anticipation of a new full length next week!

A recent release that sparked interest was “Walk In The Park” from Stillhound.  “Walk In The Park” by Stillhound was intriguing because of the artistic music video and electronic contemporary production style.  The instrumental from the song really captured my attention in the way the melodic motif in the pitched vocal repeated throughout “Walk In The Park”.

Recently Stillhound has been working hard and gaining traction in the music community and they are set to release a self titled full length on March 22nd 2019.  Check out an embedded stream of the song below and learn more about the band!

“Scottish 3-piece Stillhound, are poised to release a brande new video with the arrival of ‘Walk In The Park’, taken from the new self-titled album due this March.

Fergus Cook from the band says: “In it’s simplest terms, ‘Walk In The Park’ deals with loss, specifically the shedding of any complacencies that often come at the end of a long term relationship. So if there’s any symbolism to be gleaned from the destruction of the death masks you may find it here. But I’d be lying if I said it were intentional. We enlisted the help of our good friend and long time collaborator Thomas Flanagan to whom we provided a very short brief which included nods to one or two indie bands of yesteryear whose gimmicky in-studio zero-narrative music videos had long been imprinted in our collective conscious. His skills behind the camera combined with a surplus of plaster and alginate resulted in the video before us.”

Having been friends since childhood. Attending the same school together, the Edinburgh three-piece grew up dreaming about making music, huddling together to swap ideas, write songs, and conjure dreams.

Debut album ‘Bury Everything’ was a remarkable creative feat, the sound of their musical lives distilled down to an essence. Largely rooted in their Lost Oscillation studio – located in Edinburgh’s creative hub Leith – it was the start of something, but also a finishing point. What comes next is their new album – it’s daring, it’s ambitious, and it’s self-titled, offering a new definition of Stillhound.

Spending their days hiking across formidable landscapes, Stillhound would return and make the best music of their lives. The environment seeped into their music, too – long days swimming in the sea, long nights surrounded by barren wilderness. “We’ve worked through some tough times, in terms of going away, writing, and not being sure of what we were expecting,” Dave adds. “But it’s been really nice to get away. It was bliss – incredible weather, really beautiful surroundings, we could go swimming at the beach.”

The results are startling. ‘Stillhound’ builds on the innate promise of their debut while introducing potent new directions for the band, ranging from Nine Inch Nails style darkness to the daring pop of Depeche Mode, or even the startling songwriting of Grizzly Bear. It’s a fusion of the digital and the analogue, the blend of technological prowess with engrossing songwriting.

Relentless in their approach, Stillhound have produced their most ambitious work yet: ‘Glass Lake’ took 30 vocal takes to complete, while ‘Zara’ is written in 5/4 time signature; ‘On A’ started life as a seven minute epic, before being reduced to a cryptic 90 seconds. Billed as “home-brewed” it’s a unique potion, and it all comes back to that staunch independence, to those long nights in the Highlands.”


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