Black Cats & Magpies, “Better Days”- damn, this is fun!

For any of you that are still recovering from this morning’s emotional knockout from Lily Williams, Black Cats & Magpies are here to pick you right back up with their tune, “Better Days!” Right from the first chords, “Better Days” sets itself up as an energetic and feel-good indie home-run. It may be a simple composition, but to me some of the best musicians are the ones that can get you excited with less. Driving guitar tones, a jiving bass line in tango with energetic drums, and quintessentially smooth lead vocals create the perfect sonic package for Black Cats’ message of the better days that are sure to come. I was so into this one, that I couldn’t believe it had been 3 minutes already!


Since completing their line up in 2016, Black Cats and Magpies have established themselves as one of the Midlands’ most promising prospects. Having already earned comparisons to the likes of Foals, Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975, it’s clear that the band’s own brand of upbeat indie anthemia has seen their fan-base flourish. While the release of last year’s The Quarry EP certainly earned Black Cats both critical and fan acclaim, it’s their incendiary live shows that continue to turn heads and win hearts across their native Nottinghamshire.


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