Lily Williams, “Maybe”- this one’s a doozy…

Have you ever heard a genuinely captivating piece of music? Surely you have. Maybe in a concert hall, when the audience is so enthralled that you can hear the stage lights humming in between notes; or maybe in your headphones, when you seem to freeze in time without even realizing. This is one of them.

The singer/songwriter genre can be a tough one to stand out in, as it’s essentially a genre that strives to communicate more with less, but Lily Williams’ “Maybe” is a captivating and deeply moving ballad that’s ripe with maturity and nuance. The melancholy solo piano brings to mind ballads of Randy Newman, while Williams’ delicate and airy vocals may remind you of Norah Jones. Williams knows how to craft an engaging composition, utilizing fluctuating time signatures and tempos to keep things engaging, in addition to a beautiful live string accompaniment that ebbs and flows in all of the right ways. Williams’ lyrics speak of young innocence and heartbreak with a sense of earnest wisdom and sensibility that tugs the heartstrings, communicated through simple melodies that immediately stick in your memory.

It’s a funny thing that genuinely moving ballads can be so difficult to find, but Lily Williams has hit all of the marks with “Maybe,” and you’ll be remiss if you don’t give it a go.


Lily is a singer-songwriter from London UK currently studying at Berklee College of Music. She uses charming chord progressions and sweet melodies to tell stories with her music. Her delicate voice is similar to that of Ellie Goulding and Lucy Rose and artists from Norah Jones to Sasha Sloan.


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