T-Shirt Dream Party, “Mellow Yellow (Smoke Trees)”

Through rhythm and melody, T-Shirt Dream Party’s “Mellow Yellow (Smoke Trees)” is an engaging blend of dark indie, driving rock, and melancholic alternative. The opening guitar arpeggios are a sound that might have you bracing for a much heavier song, but the lead vocals diffuse any reservations with a solemn and almost forlorn timbre. Being a very guitar-driven track, the lead lines and melodic inserts are catchy and pivotal to the “Mellow…’s” ability to blend styles together. T-Shirt Dream Party make excellent use of rhythmic and dynamic variation to keep the listener engaged through this track’s multiple peaks and valleys, the latter being dreamy and pensive while the former gives you that rock-infused punch that makes the whole thing so captivating.


T-shirt Dream Party are an indie/alternative outfit created by brothers Ben and Dan Dickson with lifelong friends Eggs (David Egbe) and Sam Powell from the suburban crevices of Manchester.

They broke through the ranks as notorious mould breakers at church funking up services with syncopated disco beats and ten minute guitar solos before the priest kicked them out and told them to never return because he preferred heavy metal and nine minute solos.

Dusting themselves off back out on the streets of Manchester, they were searching for a new stage – one where their funk and melodic nous would be appreciated, not thrown out of the door like the milk man was when my dad walked in on my mum – when they realised that the stage was in fact searching for them.

They’ve since been recording with well known producers ‘Sugar House’ and writing relentlessly in a conservatory. They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but what if there’s a priest stood outside with a gun and a stopwatch set to 09:00.00?




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