Vilnes “Play With Me”, fun energetic indie rock

A recent release that sparked interest was “Play With Me” from Vilnes.  “Play With Me” by Vilnes was a fun and energetic indie rock track and because of the uplifting vibes I just had to share it.  The instrumental arrangement in “Play With Me” really captured my attention in the way percussion elements were layered because and how syncopation was used to really keep the energy high from start to finish.  The song might be for fans of Bronze Radio Return and invoke a sense of pure joy.
Recently Vilnes has been working hard on new material and going on tour in Europe.  Check out an embedded stream and learn more about the band below!

“Play With Me is the third single from the Norwegian singer songwriter Vilnes. Play With Me is a irresistibly catchy song. The mood is uplifting and inviting. This is 3:00 minutes of indie pop magic, born for the airwaves and playlists for indie, summer moods and feel good.

Play With Me” is about expressing the basic need we feel towards having a partner in crime, how much easier things would become as the force of two, and the lengths we would be able to go to if we were to find someone with 100% mutual vibes.”

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