OYSTER KIDS, “Losing My Mind”

Drawing close parallels to indie outfits the likes of STRFKR and flor, OYSTER KIDS are keeping things cool with their track, “Losing My Mind.” Orchestrated in quintessential indie fashion with fuzzy guitars and bass, smooth synths, and a tight kit, the instrumental is a dark and ethereal composition that is both melancholic and warmly atmospheric. The lead vocals, on the other hand, are soft and delicate, yet are never lost in the mix. The dynamics between verse and chorus are transitioned seamlessly, adding to the smooth and floating dream-pop sound on display in “Losing My Mind.” Overall, a track that will appeal to indie listeners of all reaches.


Los Angeles’ Oyster Kids spark excitement with their blend of hauntingly beautiful melodies, dark grooves, and melancholic atmosphere.

Since their debut, the band has released a series of singles to critical acclaim. Oyster Kids have also contributed to the soundtracks of popular television shows and films such as “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “Shameless”, “Jane The Virgin”, and many more. Oyster Kids have performed alongside artists such as LCD Soundsystem, Miike Snow, Weezer, Aurora, Big Thief, and many others.

Last year, Oyster Kids took some time off from performing to craft the next era for the band in 2019. With an upcoming EP and full-length album due later this year, the band is ready to shed away their mystery.





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