Gracie Hays “I Think I Died” is a deeply dark and romantic song

With a soft acoustic start that swells into an ethereal and atmospheric production “I Think I Died” by Gracie Hays quickly swells to epic proportions.  Produced by Ryan Melone and written by Gracie Hays the production consists of familiar elements such as; drum kit, a DI bass, guitar and piano.  At the two minute mark the vocal effects pull the listener into bridge as Gracies powerful vocal performance takes “I Think I Died” to new heights.  The outro lowers the song into a very intimate level of dynamics and finally finishes on a guitar motif that has been repeated multiple times throughout.  Stream “I Think I Died” below and learn more about Gracie Hays!

“‘I Think I Died’” is a song about falling hopelessly and irrevocably in love. Everyone love story has moments that can feel like torture, and brings pain as well as joy. In this song, I wrote about the intensity of a heart-aching love.”


Gracie Hays is an artist, a songwriter, a producer, an audio engineer, and most importantly a creator.

Gracie Hays was born and raised in south Mississippi. She started playing violin, singing, and performing at the age of 3 in competitions, music festivals, and bands. Gracie has an intense passion for being a self-sufficient independent artist. Her journey started when a hunger to learn every aspect of what goes into creating an album from start to finish brought her to Berklee College of music. There she studied songwriting, music business, and music technology. During this time, she released her debut EP, Guidelines, a pop-rock production style album which features lush instrumental arrangements, from intricate vocal harmonies, to orchestral elements like wind instruments, percussion and strings. Following her graduation in 2017, she continued her studies in audio engineering and went on to receive a Master of Music in Music Production at Berklee’s Valencia, Spain campus. While in Spain, she recorded her most recent EP, Not for You, a three track Electro-Folk concept album based on her experience in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Gracie prides herself on her authenticity. She strives to stay true to herself in all areas of her life, especially when creating. Whether it’s producing and mixing someone’s songs, or writing and creating her own, Gracie always wants to stay as true to her artistic voice as possible.

Gracie is currently based in Nashville, TN. There she works as a freelancer doing live sound, mixing, songwriting, and playing shows.


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