Calan Mai “Friend of a Friend” a lyric centric song that might bring a tear to your eye.

A minimalistic arrangement that grows into something larger by the end “Friend of a Friend” is a lyric centric song by Australian singer-songwriter Calan Mai that will bring a tear to your eye.  The lyrics are very vulnerable although apparently entirely fabricated the story seems too real, I’m almost in tears while writing this and despite being in a happy healthy relationship currently I can still feel the emotional pull in “Friend of a Friend”.  Calan Mai moved to the states from Australia and began writing tunes that he was recording in both major music metropolises LA and NYC.  This song in particular is a Hollywood recording that started from a late night demo session.  Catch Calan Mai at esteemed venue Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan on April 30th!



Let me be tired again

A dream comes free with sleep

Wake up on your own

Work out what it means

Lie to your friend in a sweet goodbye letter

‘I’m sorry I made you so thin’


Are you talking to boys?

Learning their names?

Do you have a car?

Should I take the train?

You picked him up

I went insane

Heard from a friend of a friend


When you’re home late

Does he wait up?

Do you need to put makeup on?

Are you happy

When he’s happy?

Are you faking when he takes too long?

Is he lighting your life up

like pieces of coal?

And if you leave, could you leave me whole?


I hope so

I hope so


I wanna be fired again

Move in with my mum

Daytime TV all day

Be a better son

Learn about the world from a gameshow

‘Fraid so

Imma get smart in pyjamas


Soon I’ll be talking to girls

Learning their names

I’ll have a car

You’ll cut the brakes

I’ll go to hospital

Write on my cast

‘I like you more than a friend’

When you’re home late

Does he wait up?

Do you need to put makeup on?

Are you happy

When he’s happy?

Are you faking when he takes too long?


Does he capture your attention?

Do you ever even mention me?

I’ll be happy if you’re happy

I’ll be waitin’ if it’s meant to be

And I’m getting better at letting you go

But if you leave him, could you let me know?


I hope so

I hope so


At first listen, Calan Mai’s music resembles carefree folk-pop—bright melodies, major chord strumming, soaring vocals delivered with warmth and ease. But on closer observation, his wry humor and full-hearted sincerity tell a deeper story.  “I take great solace in laughing at myself and smiling into the past because life’s a bit easier that way. Humor is a method of letting the listener into your experience—a counterpoint they can recognize and latch onto, like a shared cigarette or a wink across the table. I just want people to see their own struggles in mine and feel a little less alone.”

“Friend of a Friend” is Calan Mai’s first single of 2019. An official music video will be dropping soon, and he will return to the US to begin recording new material and performing several North American shows, including a stop at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall on April 30th.



“Calan Mai delivers a folk-pop gem that’s far more worldly than most roots-music tracks, borrowing sounds from different cultures and swirling them together. For fans of Conor Oberst’s Americana-influenced material and Bon Iver’s hushed acoustics.” – Rolling Stone

“Full of heart and raw hope… Calan Mai makes catchy, feelgood pop songs with an intimate acoustic bend.  Happy or sad, his songs always seem to instill a bright cheer that leaves listeners with a sense of renewal.” – Atwood Magazine

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