Mene Mene releases “Knuckedraggers” a song about the current level of intellectualism and ignorance in the U.S.A.

Kansas City based rock group Mene Mene releases “Knuckedraggers” this week and it is an aggressive message for those unwilling to accept progress in the U.S.A.

A stand out for me in this track is the quick piano playing that accompanies the vocals and adds a dark and urgent aura to “Knuckledraggers”.  Mene Mene is a group that hasn’t been active in terms of releasing studio material in some time apparently due to 2018 largely being spent re-evaluating their direction.  The group has been featured on radio stations in their metropolitan area and given their impressive light show and skillful performances have been featured on main stages in central U.S.A.  Check out “Knuckedraggers” below!


“Knuckledraggers is a war cry against the unintelligence dominating the American media, culture, and political scene today. With great angst and determination, the song calls out those who don’t think before they act. Propelled by a Ragtime-esque piano riff, driving powerful drums, deep bass, and catchy lyrics, Knuckledraggers creates a dark and rich sonic atmosphere and a fresh take on piano rock. The song and music video will be released March 5th, this is explicit version the clean radio edit is available as well.”


“Mene Mene, a throwback to the old testament writing on the wall/ fall of babylon”

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