Gold Spectacles, “Origami Lover”, inventive chill-pop crafted with care!

Jazzy synth chords joined by sleek palm-muted guitars put Gold Spectacle’s songwriting chops on immediate display in their new track, “Origami Lover.” Following being greeted by lo-fi-esque synths and a guitar line straight out of modern chill-hop, Gold Spectacles’ pop-infused vocals ease the listener into a very relaxed and sexy groove. The chorus is full-bodied and satisfying without being too loud for the occasion, featuring hip-hop beats and finger snaps to add a bit of energy and whit. The Staccato melodic elements present just before the bridge add energy in lieu of cranking the volume, while a flute solo brings some more jazz to the mix. Overall, “Origami Lover” is a meticulously-crafted chill-pop blend, each stylistic element being folded in with care and finesse. Kinda like Origami, eh?


Forming in London, Gold Spectacles is the collaborative output of two British songwriter/producers. Since releasing their debut EP “Flaws and Visions” featuring blog favourites “Steal You Away” and “Even”, the duo have been on a journey of self-exploration, refining their sound and voice from the confines of a modest home studio in Somerset. Drawing on a eclectic range of influences from Paul Simon to Local Natives to Bombay Bicycle Club to Phoenix to Lykke Li, Gold Spectacles create baroque-pop.


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