Dan Romeo, “Believe”, uplifting rock from down under!

Got 2.5 minutes to spare? Then you’ve got time to get amped up with Dan Romeo’s “Believe.” A satisfying slice of explosively optimistic rock, the Australian-based squad’s latest track starts of like a ballad, reaching out to all who are discouraged and lost. Then, after 50 short seconds, “Believe” erupts into an irresistible and uplifting track that’ll having you scrambling to the pit. Romeo’s vocals are emotionally charged and wonderfully genuine, while the band has its volume set to 11 to provide an equally gripping sonic experience. So go ahead- let’s see the way you move!


Passionate. Political. Poetic.

The Dan Romeo Band are a true rock’n’roll sound with an electric, heartfelt signature of indie rock – an honest and raw, nostalgic breath of fresh air.

After spending the last 10 years playing USA, UK, Europe and recording with producers responsible for shaping the sounds of Paul McCartney, U2, Angus & Julia Stone, Dan returned to Sydney in February 2018 to kickoff a new, self-titled project. Built on a foundation of energetic rock’n’roll and lyrics littered with human sensibility and compassion, results in a captivating live show that somehow transcends musical tastes.





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