The Kerosene Hours “99 Run It down” BURY THE BODY

Quick! Hide the body!  This gothic punk rock party is an action movie level of urgent that inquires about supporting a loved in covering up a murder.  “99 Run It down” reminds me of DTLA or the eastern Hollywood strip malls and bright lights.  Maybe a quick drive up towards Lancaster through the valley or maybe out past San Bernardino to hide the body.  The Kerosene Hours production is reminiscent of acts such as the Damned and conjures up imagery of 80s horror flicks while listening.  This style of lo-fi rock might not be for everyone but to me it sounds like a local record store.  Check it out below!


This song is about that classic question – if the person you loved killed someone, would you call the cops or help them hide the body? If it’s during The Kerosene Hours (12am – 4:30am) the answer is “Grab the shovel, cuz we burying this thang.” Also this song’s secret weapon is it’s a pop song disguised as a garage rock song.

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