Cheap “Somebody” to wrap up your week!

Filtered and well produced in the indie rock style this whimsical track will have you sailing into Saturday in a cloud.  “Somebody” by Cheap has a low dynamic level that reminds me of long roads in the southwest from Arizona and New Mexico between small towns or about the ethereal atmosphere of big city lights, either way the mood is big.  Around 2:20 in the song takes a turn into a psychedelic left field for a second before returning back into the chorus.  The length of this psychedelic bridge is a perfect length to make the listener perk up again in interest before driving home.  I’m a big fan of the long block chords on the organ and the relaxed vocal timbre and hope you will be too.  Check out “Somebody” by Cheap below.


Cheap is a contemporary experimental music duo comprised of multi-disciplinary musician Kosta Galanopoulos and singer/songwriter Jeff Thompson. The two of them comb together jaunty, new wave influenced music with visceral, romance oriented lyrics. Cheap occupies two musical dimensions, one of pulse amplifying life soundtracks, the other, heavily confessional reflections on the peaks and banalities of everyday existence. The heart-paced rhythm found in stripped down drumbeats and bass tracks laced with a synthesizer seduces the ear as easily as a track off of Heartbreak City. The musical backdrop of Cheap remains simple and stripped down, yet the underlying essence of the tracks are in jazz. This tamped down sporadic energy cooks their lyrics into a hot-tailed romance that provides “a new brain for another new dame.” Pushing new boundaries without sacrificing its accessibility, Cheap rockets their listeners to forgotten sounds and new sentiments.

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