Forever X2, “Mad for Me”, ride the high!

Another single from Forever X2 is out of the box, and it’s just as grooving as the last one. Featuring catchy guitar licks, punchy drums, and a slick bass, “Mad for Me” takes on more of a pop-punk vibe than “Walk the Ocean” without compromising their energetic indie feel. This track will find itself as at home in your party playlist as it will surely be on stage.


“’Mad for Me’ is about an all-consuming relationship I was in; it was kind of obnoxious but also kinda beautiful. I don’t know if these kinds of loves ever last long, but I think you gotta ride the highs when you get them. Musically, this song is scrappy as hell. I love the bass groove…I love the guitar solo in the bridge…it’s pure fun.”


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