Cyberattack, “Sure Thing”

Everybody needs a little certainty in life. That’s the heart of the matter in Cyberattack’s latest tune, “Sure Thing.” Utilizing 8-bit synth sounds reminiscent of what you’d hear coming out of an arcade machine, Cyberattack creates a sound that is equally retro, fresh, and groovy. This mix of past and present persists through to his songwriting as well, calling back to the carefree days of youth that have been replaced by anxiety and worry. Put this all together, and you get a classic coming-of-age tale that’s wrapped up in energetic, fuzzy retro indie rock that does’t feel the slightest bit out-of-date.


Cyberattack is an NYC glitch-rock band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ivan Anderson. Its full-length debut album, produced by Geoff Stanfield, will be released in mid-2019.



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