Soul food

“Escape” the rain with Ships Have Sailed

The weather’s been better here in LA, but we’ve still got great music to bring a little light into our day! Today’s dose of vitamin D is brought by LA-based alt-poppers Ships Have Sailed. Their single, “Escape,” is an uplifting tale of struggle and progress that would sound right at home on any contemporary radio station. Matched by a rock-infused instrumental full of lush peaks and valleys, Will Carpenter’s vocals are sincere and resonant, providing the ideal vessel for lyrics that implore us to look for the positives and to keep pushing forward. Everything just comes together into a genuinely uplifting dose of hope and optimism that’ll get you through the rainiest of days.


“There’s a certain beauty in pain, and there is strength in struggle. I wanted this song to be a tangible expression of feeling in its most raw form and, while I do hope people enjoy it, the most important thing is that it causes them to feel something.”


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