Deep Sea Peach Tree “Xanzibar” will take you to far away places

Deep Sea Peach Tree sounds exactly like you’d expect them to sound on their newest track “Xanzibar”.  One can only guess why the artistic spelling of Zanzibar.  The song features lo-fi beats that you’d find on your “chill music to study too” playlist and has a nice washed out vocal sound.  Put this one on for your early morning commute when you really just want to chill out.  Stream it below and learn more about the band with their provided artist biography.

MORE ON THE Deep Sea Peach Tree:

Deep Sea Peach Tree is the New York based music project of Kristof Denis (guitar/vocals) and friends Andrew Dell Isola (bass) and Wiley Watson (guitar).

Self described as sleepy surf rock, they have a dreamy/jazzy/garage sound, drawing influence from jazz standards, shoegaze, classic rock, indie-rock and surf rock. While attending high school in NYC, Denis and his friend Adam Wanetik formed the band “Disco Cream”, releasing their debut EP as a duo in the Spring of 2016. It was not until all members attended Skidmore College in the Fall that John Colapinto was introduced to the band. They went on to change their name and play at various venues throughout NYC as well as Colleges throughout the northeast with bands such as Tonstartssbandht and Jeff The Brotherhood. In June of 2017, they released their debut album “Vaguely Navy” on We Ride Bikes Records, an independent production collective consisting of Deep Sea Peach Tree and their brother band Flaccid Ashbacks. Denis’ Long time friend Wiley Watson and new friend Andrew Dell Isola were added in the summer of 2018.

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