“My Body” Annie Tisshaw *OUT TODAY* co-edited by Nichole Currier

With a modern production style that is danceable and speaks to female empowerment and outing male chauvinist pigs.  Starting off with a percussion intro that is driving and full of swagger and syncopation that is joined quickly by an unamused vocal performance from Annie Tisshaw.  The harmony provided on the synthesizers is dark and brooding while also being commanding.  When the pre-chorus is occurring the synthesizers are building to the chorus in a downwards motion which is reflective of the lyrical topic and as the chorus hits with a momentary rest the note drops low to give an even more commanding presence to the singer as she sings “this is my body, my body ain’t your business”.  A particularly dark production choice is the whistles that interrupt the main melody during the verses, although it is a wonderful use of prosody it is still a very dark and evil topic.

Being a guy myself, it’s true that I can’t fully relate to the importance of this topic or the struggle many females face when it comes to men who don’t know the meaning of personal space. At the same time, however, the message is one that many men need to hear and many women can relate to personally. The lyrics are poignant and speak to a truth which is that people who cat call are not very fun and typically lack self-awareness of their own disrespectful actions.  “My Body” by Annie Tisshaw could be a more edgy and truthful adult version of the song “FRIENDS” by Marshmello & Anne-Marie, granted that song speaks more to a long term relationship that the guy is ruining and “My Body” speaks more to older men at bars or on the street who do insane things like follow people for blocks or make unwanted physical contact.


Annie Tisshaw is a Norfolk born singer songwriter who started learning classical piano at the age of 6. Later, when starting to write her own music on piano, Annie was inspired by her favourite artist at that time, Regina Spektor after finding out that she wrote all her own songs. Moving to London at 18 to pursue a career in music, Annie studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance for a BA degree in Songwriting. Writing catchy pop songs with electronic production, it’s often the lyrics that set Annie’s music apart — sometimes deliberately discomforting, there is sense of ownership and confidence; focussing on feminist and political themes in her characteristically self-assured yet playful style.

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