Edwin Raphael “Bergamot Feels”

Edwin Raphael releases “Bergamot Feels” through AntiFragile and the production came together amazingly.  The track invokes a wistful feeling for warm summer days stuck in the haze that is in preparation of spring and summer 2019.  The guitar playing by Edwin Raphael, a Montreal based composer, is skillful with a finger and slapping style performance while the vocal track is somewhat ethereal and breathy.  The album artwork of a lone palm tree sticking through a clearing combined with the white noise jungle sounds used for the intro really helps drive “Bergamot Feels” home for me.  I did enjoy the use of the millennial variation of “feels” or to catch feelings for someone or something.  Clearly the song was meant for relaxing on a beach, maybe throw this on while you’re on Spring break?  Check it out below and find more about the artist!

About the song:

‘Bergamot Feels’ is the latest ambient, folk track from Dubai native Edwin Raphael. Edwin has spent the last 5 years in Montreal developing himself into Montreal’s biggest up-and-coming singer/songwriter. ‘Sober’ is an airy, ethereal take on a classic folk/rock sound, something that has become quite a signature of Edwin’s.

About the artist:

Currently based in Montreal, Edwin started making waves with his uniquely detuned sounding guitars and absorbing melodies with his EP ‘Ocean Walk’ in 2015 quite reminiscent of the beachy and rustic sounds of Ben Howard . Equipped with smooth, chilling lyrics and innate musical capabilities, ‘Harbours’ his first single had been labelled as a “hidden gem with somber instrumentals and an eerie, yet beautiful listen” by pressrelease.ca After a coy two years of playing a handful gigs, 2017 saw Edwin Raphael release his sophomore EP ‘Cold Nights’. The EP presented a darker and heavier progression in terms of songwriting and production with heartbreak song ‘Colder’ instantly becoming a low key hit. The start of 2018 had Edwin lined up for shows in Toronto, Montreal & a sold out show in London opening for Cape Cub . “2018 is vibrant, it’s melancholic, it’s a bittersweet aftertaste. I guess you’ll figure that out soon”. Singles “Green Eyes” & “Thrills Sought After” are out now.

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