Ease into Thursday with Sal Dulu’s “Xompulse”

Sal Dulu’s intimate solo piano piece “Xompulse” is an improve-like, noe-classical piano piece that’s full of space and sustain. Dulu’s use of chromaticism is reminiscent of Prokofiev’s more somber works, while the pensive and jazzy chords and melody give hints of Scriabin or Satie. The spaces between chords give plenty of time for reflection, making this the perfect song to play in the background as you ease into today. The soundtrack to a quiet morning if there ever was one.


Xompulse follows on from Sal Dulu’s success with earlier tracks Duluoz Dream, Antasma and Tyko. This new song is a unique and beautiful piano piece that he composed and recorded with the classical, jazz and ambient influences punctuating all his work to date.

Since releasing his first song in 2017, Sal Dulu has been building a reputation as an artist who is unafraid to push genre boundaries, with no limits to his desire and ambition to create rich new soundscapes.





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