Tiphanie Doucet & “La vie en Rose”- our Valentine’s Day gift to you!

What better song to feature on Valentine’s Day than a romantic classic like “La vie en Rose?” Well thanks to Tiphanie Doucet, that’s exactly what we’re doing! The French-native’s interpretation brings a universal appeal by being sung half in French, half in English. The lyrics are sung beautifully and with much feeling, but without sacrificing diction in either language. Doucet breathes new life into this timeless classic with an upbeat acoustic guitar, adding a fun and slightly energizing rhythm to a timeless love song.


Tiphanie Doucet is a French artist based in New York. Her emotionally disarming performances deceive in their simplicity, often times consisting of nothing more than her voice and a guitar, occasionally accompanied by violinist. Yet, they nevertheless arrest audiences through their quiet, brooding intensity, holding a vulnerability that’s offset by a wintry, gallic allure.. On any given weekday, you can hear her voice echoing over the Hudson and East rivers. Equipped with only an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a tiny mixer, the French songstress delivers hushed and intimate performances for passengers aboard Spirit Cruises, set against the backdrop of an idyllic Manhattan skyline. Doucet’s set list meanders seamlessly between Top 40 staples like Cindy Lauper and The Week’nd, while discreetly inserting the odd Gallic classic and, of course, a few numbers from her own blooming repertoire. Oddly enough, this sort of eclecticism works, as Doucet’s own style has been informed by her superior command of the pop form.






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