*OUT TODAY* The Bergamot, “Periscope”

Husband/Wife duo The Bergamot just dropped their new single, “Periscope.” Featuring vocal harmonies and octaves throughout, the pair have created an uplifting duet that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Beginning with energetic acoustic guitars and organic percussive elements, Periscope starts off as a simple singer-songwriter tune. However, the second chorus opens up into a full band composition, taking the energy up a notch. However, it isn’t until the bridge that this track explodes into its full fruition, complete with lush guitars, warm and catchy “oohs,” and a some mandolin to solidify that grassroots feeling. The final chorus returns to the intro’s stripped back roots to finish off a satisfying dynamic arch, making “Periscope” a remarkably full and cinematic love song that’s as infectious as it is uplifting.


Breaking with a sound of lazy guitars and rich harmony, The Bergamot creates music that blends golden era 70’s folk with 60’s coastal rock.

From textured harpsichords and synths to simple guitars The Bergamot has a sound that is certainly their own. Their definitive single “P.D.R.” hit’s at what they are great at: unique songwriting, textured harmonies and catchy hooks. The band is set to release a their new album Spring 2019.

The Bergamot is based in Brooklyn, New York. The two founding members and singer-songwriters of The Bergamot are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece. People Magazine said, “The Bergamot is the hottest emerging music talent.”





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