Human Barbie “nineteen80” new music video, direct to tape recording

Rustic and original is Human Barbies “nineteen80”.  “nineteen80” walks one through the recording process in an authentic and interesting way that I found endearing.  Starting with the click track and showing off the tape machine prominently among the other recording goodies including the composition portion of layering in shaker percussion halfway through.  Fans of Real Estates “Had To Hear”, Mac DeMarco, and Beach Fossils might find “nineteen80” highly charming.  Being a longtime fan of liner notes and bonus tracks I was instantly grabbed by the vulnerability of being allowed into Human Barbies studio session and encourage anyone who is into learning about an artistic process in a way that is entertaining to check out Human Barbies “nineteen80”.


Human Barbie is an analog fantasy; threads of classic pop, psychedelia, and indie rock intermingle to create a melancholy dreamscape, colorful and intoxicating. Formed in 2018 by songwriter Christopher Leopold, Human Barbie is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl.

“Human Barbie makes us forget the malaise of the Current State of Things, sigh deeply and dream about going back in time.” – Kevin Bronson,

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