Lone Wild’s “Sequin Dress” shimmers like, well, a sequin dress…

From one kind of groove to another, Tuesday afternoon is sponsored by Lone Wild and their track “Sequin Dress.” With Valentine’s Day looming, “Sequin Dress” is a dance-ready indie title about young love on the dance floor. Shining synths and resonant guitar chords are straight out of the 80s, with commanding drums and beefy bass tones rounding out the instrumental. The lead vocals are smooth and confident, offering a bit of seduction a la David Bowie during the verses before exploding into the shout-infused chorus. “Sequin Dress” is slick, infectious, grooving, and just the right amount of seductive to get you feeling good on Tuesday afternoon.


The indie alternative band Lone Wild, initially ‘The Fairweather,’ was started in 2015 in a suburban garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ever since, Lone Wild have been reinventing themselves; synthesizing their sound with a passion born out of frustrated hope and dogged optimism. Staying committed to writing, recording, and touring a steady stream of shows throughout their hometown and the Midwest, Lone Wild has been able to share stages and festival slots with neighboring acts like Young the Giant, DREAMERS, Civil Twilight, Mutemath and more during their time together.

Lone Wild is creating bold and bombastic rock built on a foundation of greasy, infectious grooves and a classic dusting of 80’s electro-pop. In light of their new singles Danger Cat, & Stranger Ways, Lone Wild captivates listeners with meaningful songwriting, pop sensibilities, and a passionate live show you don’t want to miss.





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