Nate Douglas’s “Persistent Thoughts of You” is bound to stick in your head for more than a little while.

Taken from his 2nd full-length album My Element, “Persistent Thoughts of You” is Americana at its best. Beautiful fingerstyle guitar and a refreshing use of borrowed chords and fluctuating tonal centers are reminiscent of artists like James Taylor, while resonant and reflective vocals draw parallels to Iron & Wine. Utilizing fiddle and sweet vocal harmonies, Douglas adds just enough material to make this a genuinely gripping track that doesn’t stray a step from its organic roots. Telling the story of a musician on the road who misses his loved ones, “Persistent Thoughts of You” is a short and simple tune full of feeling and that warm tone that really makes a piece of Americana songwriting last in your mind.


Nate Douglas lives in Barrie, Ontario Canada. He performs and tours professionally across North America with various folk, Celtic, and rock bands. Nate maintains a busy schedule as a freelance musician and guitar teacher, while pursuing his solo career. His second studio album is made up of all original songs and is set to be released in February 2019. Nate’s music blends folk, rock, and pop with tasteful grooves and soulful energy.


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