Kelsy Karter “Harry”, a psychedelic fun track you’re going to want to hear now!

Textures that are both R&B and rock music that belongs in any 70’s surf rock or modern indie pop music enthusiasts playlist.  Kelsey Karter “Harry” has a hint of Amy Winhouse to it with a more youthful angst.  Sensual and rebellious Kelsey Karter and the band are rocking out to what I can only speculate is an obsessive love song for either Prince Harry or Harry Styles, maybe Harry Kane if Kelsey Karter is a soccer enthusiast.  The vocal performance is what sold this song for me with an enthusiastic somewhat whiny bratty vocal performance that does the lyrics justice in a fun and animated way.  Check out the music video for “Harry” by Kelsey Karter below as well as learn more about this up and coming artist.


With fans already in the likes of i-D, Billboard, Nylon and EW, Kiwi fast riser Kelsy Karter is the first breakout rock star of 2019. Stepping out with her most stratospheric track yet, “Harry” the singe co-written with Anthony Rossomando ( who recently won a Golden Globe and is Oscar nominated for his work on the track ” Shallow” from” A Star Is Born”) and Tony Esterly ( who has worked with artists such as Sia and The Struts) showcases Kelsy Karter going straight for the jugular – a driving, guitar led track aimed directly at a special man in her life, Harry. Harry Styles, that is. Speaking on the release, Kelsy Karter states:

” My dog just died and my relationship just ended and I had spent 2 months in the studio crying and writing about it so the day I went into this session I told ant and tony that I just wanted to write some rocknroll and not have to feel anything too deep. I love that Harry has introduced the kids to rocknroll, and it’s common knowledge among the people in my life that I want to work with (and maybe snog) Harry Styles so we thought we would write a song about that instead.”

” Harry” is taken from Kelsy Karter’s debut project, ” Songs For The Rocketship” ,which is set for release in March.

Having picked up support from Australia’s Triple J, who described Karter as “This generations Amy Winehouse meets Lana Del Rey”, New Zealand born, LA based artist Kelsy Karter began to make her mark in mid 2018, working with the likes of Sammy Witte ( Harry Styles, Years & Years, Jessie Ware, ) on a series of well received songs, ” Sad Sad Summer”, ” God Knows I’ve Tried” and ” Catch Me If You Can”. ” Harry” serves as the entry point of what looks set to be a huge 2019 for Kelsy Karter.

Citing influences such as Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Karter mixes up a combination of a rebellious nature, a nomadic spirit and enormous talent to create a unique vibe.  Karter’s unique vision takes her fans on a journey in a time machine through the great musical acts of an earlier era, seamlessly blending classic vibes with modern influences, creating a new kind of rock & roll. On this vision, Kelsy states:

“I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next.The drum patterns and guitar tones on my record definitely veer toward those early Beatles/Stones vibes, but my stories and ideas will always move and grow with me in the modern world.”

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