Chavis Chance, “Call Me”, Thursday soul food

Texan singer-songwriter Chavis Chance’s “Call Me” is a soulful bittersweet ballad that feels right at home for Thursday breakfast. Equal parts blues, soul, and Americana, “Call Me” is reminiscent of singer songwriters like John Mayer and Masayoshi Yamazaki. Chance’s vocals are exceptionally emotive, with just enough restrain to keep from overpowering the band. Soulful chord progressions make good use of chromaticism and are accented by tasteful lead guitar licks and arpeggios. For a composition that Chance describes as being “all about the lyrics,” “Call Me” is a remarkably well-rounded ballad that is full of melody, dynamic variation, and pure feeling that resonates through every instrument and every voice.


Chavis Chance is an American singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. His father, Dirk Hamilton, is a singer-songwriter who has acted as a mentor and ultimately a collaborator. Chavis’ music brings the energy of a by-gone era to the modern pop song with a charisma and character completely his own. Fusing a love of soul, pop, and rock with a unique attention to lyrical content, his live performances cover a dynamic range of emotion and feeling. His upbeat songs showcase a unique ear for melody, and his ballads his sense of wit and humanity.


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