Jenny Kern, “Slow Burn”

Jenny Kern’s “Slow Burn,” the first single off her forthcoming EP debut, is proof that she plans to hit the ground running. Showing maturity and skill in both the lyric and instrumental, “Slow Burn” is a downtempo ambient ballad about falling down and wondering how to get back up. Somber fingerpicked guitar serves as the primary backdrop for Kern’s reflective and gentle vocals, as a distant drum kit keeps time and warm ambient tones encase the listener. Tasteful and well-mixed harmonies in the vocal line complete the ensemble, and the result is an emotional and genuine musical work that makes me eager to see what Kern has in store for us.


A vulnerably bold new voice, Jenny Kern is a Canadian born indie singer-songwriter based in New York. Jenny’s debut EP is an intimate collection of songs from years of self-reflection on her personal experience with self-doubt, regret and the search for comfort in painful seasons. The EP comes out April 5, 2019.


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