Low Hum “Strange Love”

Psychedelic sounds comparable to Tame Impala but with a more American psychedelic sound.  The music video is so very psychedelic and personally I’m not sure what style to call the art other than cartoon but it seems like there should be another word for it.  The video kind of reminds me of the one for “Old Boy” by Brick + Mortar.  This Hawaiian born producer needs to form a band and get this show out on the road.  Arrangement wise the sound is familiar with a wall of voices and a thin distorted guitar supported by a standard rhythm section and further supporting a slightly edgy vocalist who performs with an air of carefreeness that is infectious.  Check out this cool adult-swim-esque video “Strang Love” by Low Hum and learn more about Collin Desha below.


Low Hum is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Room To Breathe, out June 7th via Last Gang (Chromeo, Rhye, Stars). The debut full-length album from Hawaiian born producer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Desha is the follow up to his eponymous lowhum EP, which won praise and a growing following around the Los Angeles music scene for its captivating mix of psychedelic pop and spaced out rock. With Room To Breathe, which Desha wrote, produced and tracked most of the instruments for, Low Hum further explores a heady mix of late night soundscapes and danceable grooves. Today music fans can stream and watch the video, animated by Bryan Lee, for lead single “Strange Love”, a song inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film “Dr. Strangelove”. Later this month, Low Hum will play The Troubadour in LA on January 26th w/ James Supercave.

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