Brandon Hoogenboom has us “Feelin'” warm in January

Despite the cold and rainy weather that is currently cloaking Los Angeles, it still feels like a warm June morning. This is thanks Brandon Hoogenboom’s new single “Feelin’,” a warm and uplifting track that just sounds like summer. Hoogenboom’s stacked vocal melodies and rich harmonies sound straight out of a Beach Boys album, while his falsettos resonate like classic soul. The chord progressions provide just the right amount of dissonance to make every phrase feel so satisfyingly resolved, and a monstrously-distorted guitar solo in the outro fills the room with positive energy as the song reaches its sonic peak. So for all of you that are wishing for summer on a January morning, look no further than “Feelin’.”


Previously of the Australian quartet Set Sail (you may know them from their world busking tour across 48 countries), Brandon Hoogenboom is an American singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working on a brand new solo album, due for release in January 2019.


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