Brave Like Us “Odyssey” to feed your wanderlust

A compilation video of a road trip, Brave Like Us “Odyssey”.  This is the title and first track from their new release and it features bluesy folk melody with driving indie rock rhythms.  This song is very inspiring with the video about travel and the lyrics about being free.  Dynamically the song varies between mezzo forte and forte for verse to chorus and pianissimo for the bridge that is a crescendo back to mezzo forte before a brief breath of air that flows back into the chorus.  Check it out if you’ve got a case of wanderlust.


Singer/songwriter Laura Farrell has a unique and powerful voice. Her vocals have been compared to Sarah Mclaughlin and Joan Jet. She is also classically trained on the violin and still puts it to good use. She is a former member of local favorites, Yard Slippers and Big Honey.

Highly sought after bassist, Jay Brazao is a self taught musician and songwriter. He writes entrancing melodies on the acoustic bass as if it were an extension of himself. Former member of Rome In A Day, Jay is a Massachusettes native now residing in DC.


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